Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sand and Introverts

We have sand everywhere.  I pull off their shoes and it tumbles out, creating little, dark, sand piles on my kitchen floor.  It's in my hair.  In the creases of my pant cuffs.  I'm sure we'll return to Chestnut Hill and find it in our suitcases.  Little reminders of this magical time.  I won't complain.  Right now, I'll just try and remember to shake it off before we enter the house.  Our Sand Boogie!

I have to admit, I'm having a hard time juggling right now.  I feel like I keep dropping a ball, or two or three.  The basic stuff gets done--groceries, walks, laundry--but, I haven't figured out how to add the things I want and keep everything afloat.  I'm sure something needs to go, but, oh the anguish of trying to decide what.  I can usually tell I'm struggling as a juggler when my communication with friends diminishes.  Or, I avoid my shop.  Or I don't bring my camera with me on walks.  Or we have beans on toast a few times during the week.  Is there a trick I haven't learned yet?  Or is it my personality--the introvert who needs a lot of quiet time to think properly? 

I'm off to make myself another cup of tea--it's going to be a multiple cuppa type of day!

Sending love and sunshine!


Jillian said...

You'll find some balance, Julia . . . the week before you go! But it will come. Lovely photos.

Gaby said...

sand and sea cures everything, in my opinion :) i'm on my first cup of tea now, and i'm about to boil the kettle...