Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ring Around the Rosie

It's chilly this morning.  Like, hurry close the windows and put on wooly socks "chilly"!  William didn't seem to mind--he dashed outside with just a t-shirt on the soonest he could.  Boys.  M is indoors, wrapped up in her blankie and tutu skirt.  Girls are so much more sensible when it comes to things like temperature. 

Newport is continuing to delight me.  And the kiddos.  We went to a park yesterday morning and met a number of moms and grandparents with their little minions.  We also discovered a semi-circle of puffy pink cherry trees.  Well, I think they're cherry.  Regardless, the blossoms were heavy on the branches and so beautiful. Reminded me of an ancient Druid grove--a sacred place to celebrate the wonders of new life!

But, I'm starting to miss my Chestnut Hill family.  And all the times I got to see them just walking around town, getting groceries, visiting the coffee shop.  Funny the things you didn't realize were built into your day. 

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These pix are pure lovliness!