Friday, May 23, 2014


I can't seem to convince William to put on pants so we can go for our morning walk.  Madeleine is wearing William's shorts, as she's busted through her leggings.  Every single pair of them.

They've put up the life guard stands on Easton beach--a sure sign of summer.  They stand tall, brilliant, like pious sentinels.  My collection of shells is growing.  They're about to fall off the window ledge, there are so many.  I made magnets out of them last week to hold up my lists and water colors.  We discovered another park--this one close to the Stop and Shop.  It has great swings.  And slides--the kiddos race each other.  I love it!  Any way to burn energy.

I'm putting together gifts for my customers.  Little art works, tied up with yellow bakers twine.  It was so much fun doing the flowers and leaves.  Still working on how to package them up.  Strangely enough, packaging is hard for me--mostly because I can never seem to be consistent!  Any ideas?

I'm still weary.  Still trying to find my rhythm here.  Trying to soothe the kiddos while I attempt a normal routine.  Today's accomplishment: down time for both little ones.

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy, relaxing Memorial Day weekend.  And thank you so, so much, to all you who are or have served our country.  We are grateful!


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LMPenn said...

Can't get over how quickly your kiddles are growing! And the light up there is so incredible. The change of scenery is clearly invigorating to them and to your creativity <3