Monday, January 27, 2014

Crafty Bits and Piggies

Although, hardly evident at this point, I'm pretty sure my children will become crafty perfectionists due to their mother's absolute avoidance of patterns, instructions, and proper craft etiquette.  I approach arts and crafts like I approach cooking: I look at the recipe, get the gist of it, and then wing it.  So, it's instinct and laughing at myself along the way.  There's a lot of "well, sh*t, that didn't work" and a bit of "hey, that looks/tastes good, who knew?"  Right now, I'm digging into my floss and felt.  Adding lavender, too, so they smell good!  I'm putting together a quilted pillow for our bed and another small quilt for M--one that's nice and cozy and pink.  The kiddos are exploring salt dough--M squishes it, William stabs it.  I'm also having a deliriously fun time with Madeleine's hair--piggies!  Divine!

Winters are tough--always have been for me.  But, with two little ones, winters are a true test of a mother's patience and creativity.  Right now the kiddos are both dealing with major head colds.  Humidifiers and baby Vics go only so far.  They sound pretty cute, all stuffed up, but colds make everyone a little miserable.  The polar vortex has kept us indoors.  A lot.  Which means I go stir crazy.  Fast.  I'm trying to keep my body moving doing Sun Salutations while the kids are napping.  But, I'm afraid that I'm becoming friends with my love handles in new ways.  Hmmm. 

Sending love and warmth!

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Jillian said...

Ah Julia! Love the bright images in this post and your entire philosophy on crafting and creative living. You made me laugh this morning! Just keep doing it and the days will get longer and this harsh weather will lighten up. No school again here today in Minnesota - the weather is so cold. (I still had to get into work, however.)Maybe pigtails would help to brighten my day today as well - I don't know what my coworkers will think . . .it's already been too long of a winter.