Thursday, January 23, 2014

Friday Fun Day

A few years ago my friend Janine and I established Friday Fun Day.  Friday we would head to Cosimos or Osaka, or a special park with coffee and sweets.  Our little ones in tow, with no idea that the day was any different than their typical morning routine.  I'm sure there was a hidden motive in there somewhere--we loved sushi and mushroom pizza.  Over the years the idea and the delight of Friday Fun Day has perpetuated.  Even though Janine is on the other coast now, and we've added babies to each family.  It doesn't matter.  William, Madeleine and I trekked to the Trolley Car Diner last Friday and picked up four freshly made doughnuts for our Friday Fun Day.  Across the street from the Diner is a monstrous park--so much open space, it's bliss.  We ate up the doughnuts and I drank my coffee.  Then the exploration across the frost began.  Friday Fun Day, I love you!

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LMPenn said...

Love the shot of you in the green hat! How nice to have rituals for the kiddos - and you! - to look forward to.