Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What I'm Loving

Things that I'm loving:

+ My Claude Debussy station on Pandora--tweaked to perfection. 
+ Morning sunshine streaming through our back window--not warm, but beautiful.   
+ Little Bear episodes--giving me time in the morning to tend to the apartment. 
+ Being able to crochet useful things--like pot holders. 
+ Randy's need to perfect his French Macaron recipe--yes, yes please!
+ My sewing machine--when it's friendly, at least. 
+ Andrew's new Warby Parker glasses.  Hello Handsome Hipster Hubby.
+ My hibernating tendencies in January and February--because, I'm enjoying them this year.

These things that I love are necessary.  I collect them like smooth stones in my pocket.  Because, they keep me grounded during the ample episodes of grief, exhaustion, and frustration that come through the week.  I can laugh about it now, but, last weekend had such a spectacular episode that I haven't wanted to leave the apartment since.  I decided the kiddos and I needed a quick walk on a Sunday morning.  They cried nearly the whole way--though they were warm and bundled.  Everything escalated a block from the house, so much so that M needed me to carry her the rest of the way, which was nearly impossible due to the stroller not steering well in the snow.  What a sight we were!  By the time we struggled to our back door we were all in tears.  Oi. 

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Jillian said...

Such a beautiful post, Julia. Love the shot of the window reflecting the street and your pillow project. The winter has been too long here, also. I've had to park in the ramp all week and that was supposed to be my fun money! Oi, as well. Have a great weekend.