Sunday, October 27, 2013

Chilly Morning Walks


I love those morning walks when the kiddies need their blankets with them--for the extra warmth!  I usually walk out the door with mittens and a scarf.  They prefer "ka-chow" and "bankie".  Whatever makes them feel cozy enough to keep the layers on!  Anyone with a toddler will understand the frustration of keeping the warm stuff on their little hands and feet.  

Autumn is my favorite season.  Hands down.  The leaves, the pumpkins, the butternut squash soup.  The ease into chillier temperatures.  Temperatures that demand blankies, mittens, and multiple cups of tea.  I cut out leaves from a sheet of water color paper I had my way with and assembled our fall door decoration.  Also, those mini pumpkin muffins?  William will grab one in each hand and call it breakfast.  M will grab one and leave a trail of soggy crumbs throughout the apartment--which no one will know about until we step on them. 

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