Friday, September 6, 2013

Around the Block

A walk around the block.  With a curious three year old and a determined one year old, it actually ends up being quite the adventure.  Gotta check out all the plants, the bugs, the flowers.  Throw rocks, collect sticks, get tickled by pill bugs.  We even got to see the fire engine outside of it's fire house.  William was utterly delighted--notice his hands up at his face in awe.  Such a funny kid.  The last shot is of our front yard.  The red noodle thing is a bit regrettable, but, I guess these nearly ancient buildings need a pop of modern art out front.  *sighs*  The babes don't mind, though.  It's something to climb. 

I'm sitting here in our living room, my cinnamon apple candle lit, hot tea in my mug, windows open letting in the cool breeze.  Although we're not there yet, I can sense fall is on it's way.  Or at least it wants to be.  Mom just sent me the family pumpkin bread recipe, so I have plans on purchasing cans of pumpkin and filling the apartment with autumnal scents! 

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Jillian said...

It was nice to "go" with you on one of your walks around the block again. Just image what that red noodle-thing will look like surrounded by snow. I'm thinking this year's christmas photo shot - you can array yourselves around it. I too am surrounding myself with the scents of cinnamon and spice. I'm ready for my favorite season.