Sunday, September 8, 2013


My sister Meg calls flowers "flauffies."  It makes me happy--just saying it.  Like a mix between fluffy pillows and puppies.  Can't go wrong there.  Madeleine and I had a date this weekend while the boys went and got hair cuts.  We walked up Rex Avenue, soaking up the morning sunshine and all the pretty blossoms.  I've never seen so many Morning Glorys!  Sky blue and radiant.  Roses, on their last full bloom.  Jasmine, ever fragrant, like summer sunsets and honey.  At the top of the hill we stopped off at the farmer's market to check out the Mums.  Embarrassingly, it took me years to figure out that autumnal Mums were related the Chrysantemum flower, were actually all Chrysanthemum flowers--that curiously tricky word to spell, according to Gilbert Blythe--just in pots and not vases.  Like I said, embarrassing.

I'm trying to tie up loose ends with my Red Otter shop right now--outstanding orders and pending conversations.  But, then, my plan is to go on hiatus.  Close down the shop.  Give myself some time to heal.  And, hopefully rejuvenate creatively.  It's needed.

Off to go watch more Harry Potter--one of the best series to get you in the mood for the fall season!

Much love!

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Jillian said...

A rogue morning glory vine has invaded my garden and covered my raspberry plants and pole beans. So I can't say I find them as charming as you do.

Beautiful post, Julia!