Sunday, September 1, 2013


Oh, August, you disappeared so quickly.  Though, I must say, I'm not too sad about that.  For those of you who don't know, we moved across the street at the end of July.  Which, sounds easy-peasy.  But, it wasn't.  It was tedious and long and exhausting.  Next time, someone is going to move everything for us.  Till that time, I'm staying put.  Three days after we moved into our new place I was admitted to the hospital with a severe gallbladder attack.  So severe that they immediately put me on an IV drip and scheduled my surgery to have the gallbladder removed.  Passing gallstones is traumatic for your body.  And, I think I was passing one a day.  I don't remember much of that week.  Probably a good thing.  Due to the gallbladder removal, and the ERCP to remove all remaining stones from the duct, I developed acute pancreatitis.  What I didn't realize while I was in the hospital, carefully monitored with plenty of intravenous drugs, was that pancreatitis needs time to heal.  Lots of time.  More time than I gave it before I went home.  So, two days after I left the hospital, I went back to the ER and was admitted for a week.  Healing.  Slowly.  No food, no drink.  Just lots of pain killers and my IV.  I think I watched more television in those two weeks that I have in the past ten years. 

The bright side to this story, and it's beautifully bright, is that we had the joy of both grandmothers in our new place for most of August.  They flew in, Andrew's mom taking the first week and my mom the following.  Granted, my children were a bit of a handful due to the move and the fact that Mama disappeared for two weeks.  But, so many memories were made.  Sweet moments were had.  Lots of kisses, walks, gummies, and Little Mermaid--which both grandmas can quote, by the way!  Also, my healing process is moving along swiftly.  I'm able to go for our long walks in the mornings, manage the chaos of bath time and the mean fidgets after nap time.  Still a little sore and I have a growing list of foods and beverages that my body can't tolerate (chocolate, alcohol, meat, dairy, butter), but I'm on the mend and the future glitters with possibility!

By the way, the photos are from our back stoop, M and I showing off our new dresses, and the arboretum with my mom.  Cool streams, suckers, tree nets, teal and purple patinas and butterflies!


Jillian said...

So glad you're back on the mend. I've missed your posts.

Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

Oh girl, what a crazy month you've had! So glad things are looking up. I'll get a REAL letter in the mail to you soon. promise.