Thursday, October 13, 2011


Last night while Andrew was watching the Ireland/Wales Rugby match I was scrolling through my blogroll, catching up and looking at pretty pictures when I stumbled upon Joanna's interview over at Martha Stewarts blog. She was candid and funny and very, very sweet. And her response to the question Best Advice for Bloggers jarred me completely. Not because it was earth-shattering or something I've never heard before, but because I realized I had lost sight of who I was writing this blog for. I'm not sure I ever really knew. And how sad is that? It's like going into a yoga session just to be there, not necessarily to calm and reconnect with yourself. You go through the motions, but without heart, without true connection. Intention is powerful. And sorely lacking here in the Red Otter space. It's not as if I don't have things to say. I would just censor myself. Censor, censor, censor. Granted, I don't want to twit and chitter about nothing and everything, but I do long for a more "real" me here in this space.

Intention is powerful!

PS. The image is from one of William's Walks!


Victoria Strauser said...

Well it always feels like you've been writing for me and all the other lovely souls who linger in this virtual world looking for connections. Hugs sweetie -

Cindy said...

so many bloggers seem to be struggling with this, lately. i wonder if people are just tired of trying to keep up with too many social networking sources that all have different approaches - blog, facebook, twitter? i don't have the energy i once did or maybe i have nothing else to say? you're not alone!