Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ricketts Glen

About three hours north of Philly is the rather smallish state park of Ricketts Glen. People come to hike the trails and explore the plethora of falls. I think there are over twenty, I can't remember. Each one is spectacular and very intense. I spent the weekend up there with a group--one of them being a close girlfriend who let me tag along! It was spectacular, the leaves had all started to change, it was chilly at night, sunny during the day and by the time I came home my hair smelled like campfire, I had had s'mores for breakfast and my legs were sore from four hours of hiking. It was my first night away from William and I think I fared well!

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Victoria Strauser said...

Good for you! Remember sleeping out in the Porcupine Mountains? One of my fave memories with you!