Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I'm slowly discovering the art of preparation, or at least something akin to that. For me, this is a skill honed after much time. Much. Granted, I don't use this skill often enough, or in the areas of my life that I really should (i.e. laundry and book supplies, ahem), but, when it comes to William and breakfast, I'm getting there. I've been trying out different bread recipes and found a cinnamon raisin recipe that not only keeps itself together (no major crumbling) but also makes three loaves at a time! Brilliant. So, I made cinnamon raisin bread three weeks ago, sliced up the first loaf and stuck it in the fridge, the other two were wrapped in tin foil, zippered in a ziplock and stored in the freezer. When the bread got a little hard over the course of a few days I made French Toast for the little man. I made 5-6 slices of French Toast, wrapped each slice after cooling and stored them in the freezer. I pull one out when we're tired of the granola bar/blueberry/ego routine, toast it in the toaster and voila! Breakfast!

PS We're still in a blanket of misty, sticky humidity right now, but the foliage around Chestnut Hill is slowly turning--fall will come regardless if we're still in shorts! Will try and take a few photos once it stops raining... *groan*

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Cindy said...

it all sounds good to me ... i usually have an ego, toaster strudel (fav) or cereal. it's raining again today, no more!