Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Favorites

1. Japanese mums from mpressdesigns
2. Tea towel - Everyone Came to Tea from skinnylaminx
3. Kids Fantastic Fall Fox Coat by littlegoodall
4. Draco the soft dragon by contemori

I'm not sure if everyone had super bitter coffee with their breakfast, or wore their skinny jeans on a "fat" day, or if they just had their "Grumpy" panties on, but it seemed as if everyone at the grocery store this morning was in a bad mood. And we're talking a Philly style bad mood (i.e. it's your fault I'm this crabby, not mine). So, as I was leaving the parking lot I decided I need to think of some of my favorite bits from the week to bolster my courage and not speed (I have a tendency to do that when I'm feeling ornery). So, here are my Friday Favorites:

+ Listening to William and his new friend giggle in the kitchen. All over a paper bag no less!
+ Vynasa yoga last night at my new favorite studio.
+ Making spinach feta quiche without a recipe and have it turn into the best quiche I've ever made.
+ Catching up with my sister on the phone after a week of phone tag.
+ Putting socks on William this morning because the temperature has finally dropped!
+ Realizing that I have a friend who can call me out on the flaky things I do--because she loves me!

I'm already in a better mood! Tell me your favorites from the week!



Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

oh boy! I love that fox coat! Does it come in adult sizes?! how are you darling?

Ta said...

My favorite thing about this week was that i woke up every morning but one and it was sunshiny and beautiful! Its rare sometimes for Fall here. Have a great weekend!