Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Morning rituals!

My morning routine is fairly important to me. I work from home, so the little rituals give structure to my day.

My husband and I have tea each morning. He wakes up and puts the water on to boil while I work up the gumption to get out of bed (it takes so much more energy in the winter than any other time of the year). Andrew is usually settled on our "law school" couch (grey and lumpy) with the blinds open when I finish making the tea. Putting enough milk and honey in our steaming mugs of Lady Grey tea or English Breakfast. Then about ten minutes of chatting, watching the birds, and general "waking up." It's a rare morning that I'm actually dressed in anything other than my pj's when I start working. Going to work entails walking five feet from our couch to my desk in the living room. It's a crowded work space, but I can't complain, it's my mess!

I usually get my list of things to do for work organized, then I take a peek at all my favorite blogs!

Here are three new favorites:
Perfect Bound
Paper Pony
Simply Photo

I find so much enjoyment from my little blog-reading ritual!


marsha said...

Here's wishing you and your loved ones a very happy lunar new year! Welcome to the year of the rat! :)

perfect bound said...

My boyfriend and I work from home too, so I understand the significance of having a morning routine and how hard it is to ditch those pj's. We schedule coffee breaks in the middle of the day as well. Cheesy but helpful and oh so fun! glad i found your blog.

Furkid Fever said...

Gotta love working in pjs. I love reading blogs too.

wunderbug said...

jewels you're making me super jealous - my morning ritual involves a 1-hour commute to work.

.. it's somehow not quite the same as morning coffee on the couch. :)