Monday, February 11, 2008

Baby Wonderings

My biological clock is not ticking. But it does every once in a while. And it has recently, more than ever before. And it's alarming! I read through my favorite blogs and realize that a number of these talented women are pregnant or having their babies right now. There's a large handful of friends who are pregnant right now as well. I remember being in awe at the number of friends getting married a few years back, or at least getting into serious relationships. I guess this is the natural process of things: they're all having babies now!

Random note: I blame this most recent "baby" wonderings on this site: one girl Do you blame me?

So, last week, struggling with an intense feeling of longing for a little one of my own, to dress, nurse, coo to, nap with, play with, Andrew and I went over to the mall to look through baby clothes. My sisters helped make this a "normal" thing to do. Neither have kids or are pregnant! One of my sisters secretly collects baby clothes (she's been doing this for years, but only recently told us). She picks up little booties and sweaters for the "someday" baby. The other sister has started collecting cute maternity tops at Old Navy when they're on sale. I thought it was hilarious at first, but now think it's a brilliant idea. Andrew and I probably won't be able to start a family until after law school, so I'm pacifying these random and rare urges by buying baby clothes. Of course, after battling the screaming kids and their hassled mothers in the shops I double and triple think the whole idea! Anyways, last week Andrew and I wandered into Gymbore, gasped at the prices for a onesie and then settled for two pairs of sockies that were on sale. One pair for a little boy the other for a little girl. For my "someday" babies!

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wunderbug said...

i totally get how you feel. although i'm nowhere close to literally wanting a little baby (i'm still thrilled to baby clothes shop for everyone else's kids and NOT my own), i still see the most heartbreakingly adorable things from time to time and think... man, if i had one, i'd buy it.

like this:

and this: