Friday, December 14, 2007


I did a search for "desk" images on an art web site this afternoon and discovered a few dear paintings. These remind me of my times at the desk, whether I'm working on "real" work (aka my full time job) or I'm creating little do-dads for Red Otter. The woman on the left is a favorite Millais piece. You can almost feel the tension in her back as she stretches. The one on the right reminds me greatly of those beautiful morning hours when everything seems so fresh and full of potential. I like those mornings. My plan tomorrow is to have such a morning. My husband has a grueling four hour final tomorrow morning, poor thing, so I have the apartment to myself. I have to contain my glee. No, I'm not smiling about the fact that you have to get up at 5:30 for your first law final, hunny, promise! But,this means I get to pull out all my art supplies, cut up paper and ribbon, and create a general mess. With no guilt about the fact that I have needles, scissors, exacto-knives and other sharp objects littering our living space!

If I create anything worth taking a picture of, I'll post it tomorrow for you!

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