Saturday, December 15, 2007

Blender Blues

I was lucky enough to be in the car when this fantastic blues song came on the other week. I knew it was Bonnie Raitt, but she sounded so young, so sultry. I can't find it anywhere on iTunes, or I would link it for you. All I can say is that it was heaven! A smooth voice, a strummin' guitar and a rollin' blues rhythm. Please sit back and enjoy the Blender Blues:

Let me be your blender, baby
Don't ya know I can whip, chop and puree
Won't you let me be your blender, baby
Honey, I can whip, chop and puree
I'm gonna whip you to a jelly honey
I'm gonna chop it up today.

Model is so special, honey
Gives you everything you need
Guaranteed to blend it right.
It's built for comfort, not for speed
My motor's most unique
There's a style for every size
You push the right track, honey,
Sit back and watch me Osterize

Let me be your blender, baby
I can whip, chop, grate, cube and puree
I'm gonna whip you to a jelly
I'm gonna chop you up today.

If you bring the right ingredients
I'll make any sauce you choose
I'll hollandaise or mayonnaise
Any recipe you use
I can whip some waffle batter
I can blend some dough for buns
And if we get done blending,
We might even get some cooking done

Let me be your blender, baby
I got a cookbook all my own.
I call it a thousand and one ways, baby,
to make my little motor moan.

Start off slow and easy, honey.
I get up to a fine puree.
You work those gears just right,
We'll make a real love souffle�.
My motor never quits
I don't know how long you're gonna last
If you don't want your cubes diced, honey,
You'd better push that button fast.

Let me be your blender, baby.
I whip the freshest cream in town.
Don't you know what they're saying about me, baby.
Can't no one bear my Waring down.


Anonymous said...

"Blender Blues" was recorded at Sigma Sound Studios in Philadelphia on 2/22/72 for broadcast on Philadelphia's WMMR-FM. Never made it into commercial release, but is still in rotation on WMMR.

Julia said...

Hey! Thanks for the info! :)

mmbny said...

My understanding was it was recorded at Second Fret in Phila by the late Ed Sciaky. He was a friend of Bonnie Raitt and a well known DJ in Phila. He was working for WMMR when he died. For many years the only way you could hear Blender Blues was to call Ed and ask him to play it. It was not in the WMMR play list until after he died. He is very much missed.