Monday, July 28, 2014


We've reached that point of summer--all the colors are fully saturated, fully bright and delicious.  Like Skittles.  These weeks have found us doing our daily treks to the local parks, visiting Morris Arboretum with friends, and creating as much mayhem in our apartment as possible.  William and Madeleine play a game called "Island" which involves pulling every cushion off the couch and chair and hopping from one island to the next.  I'm doing my best at the chaos, too.  I'm filling the closets with packed boxes and lining the walls with stacks.  And quickly forgetting that we have a few more weeks here, so, um, I shouldn't pack the sheet pans yet.  Oops!

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Victoria Strauser said...

Such lovely photos. M's curls just get me every time, and those smiles. Sending good thoughts for your transition ahead, looking forward to wonderful new photos in a wonderful new place. :)