Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Random Bits

This past week was sweltering.  I would walk outside, no matter the time of day, and start dripping sweat.  Rather yucky, and absolutely ghastly for anything but growing green things.  The basil and thyme are growing like weeds. 

We braved the heat and humidity last Sunday and went for a walk in the neighborhood.  M was determined to wear her Princess Nana nightgown the whole day.  William has been walking around the apartment, and often outside, completely naked, so, who am I to put up a fuss with Princess Nana? William has conquered potty training, miraculously.  I guess if you wait long enough it just happens?  Who knows?  I had enough people raising their eyebrows when I told them he wasn't potty trained yet.  M is half-way there.  She notifies me when she has to go potty--whether she really does or not.  And is very, very concerned when she gets her Mermaid panties icky.  Sorry, enough potty talk.

I'm in the process of designing postcards for our move.  For those that don't know Andrew and I, we've probably moved every two years for the past 15 years of our lives.  Sometimes more.  We're used to the routine.  We're used to the shift of where we call "home".  We're getting better at making friends and learning the area.  But, Newport is where we want to set down roots.  We'll rent for a little while, get things in order, and buy a house when we find the right one.  It's a bizarrely thrilling thought.  I can't imagine what it would be like to have a home of our own.  Some day soon!  In the mean time, I'll collect inspiration on Pinterest!  And dream!

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Victoria Strauser said...

As I've already said, so excited for you and your upcoming move to Newport. Can't wait to see pics from the new neighborhood. Good luck with the move! xox