Wednesday, June 4, 2014


There's something about sharing a new place with friends and family.  It becomes more real.  More filled out--if that makes sense.  My parents were here this past week--just left yesterday.  While they were here we made it down town, along the cliff walk, and to the ocean shore, a number of times.  We had lobster rolls at the snack shack on the beach.  Collected shells.  Tooled around our favorite parks.  And, got a lot of sun.  The kids are worn out.  I'm worn out.  I can't imagine how tired my parents probably were by the end of the week!

Today is Madeleine's birthday.  Two!  She's two!  She spent a good part of the morning talking on the TV remote to Papa.  She didn't seem to mind it was a one-way conversation.  Most girls don't *grins*  She is jubilant, as my dad described her.  She's quick, funny, and independent.  She's the girl who gleefully stacks the pretty bracelets up her wrist at Old Navy, only to squeal with delight when she sees the Spiderman lunch box down the aisle.  She loves all forms of meat and will gladly help you clean your plate.  And yours.  And yours.  The only thing she doesn't eat are bananas and watermelon.  I like her heaps.  Heaps and bunches!  We all do--even crabby Willya!

PS Let me know if you want a postcard from Newport!

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Jillian said...

Sending Madeleiene Birthday wishes!