Friday, June 20, 2014

The Light At the End of the Tunnel

I'm seizing the moment!  Madeleine is still sleeping--probably delighting in the delicious cool temperatures this morning--and William is engrossed in A New Hope and R2D2.  The moment is mine!  All mine!  Mwahahaha!  Okay, it was a rough day yesterday, can you tell?  Andrew came home and I shut down completely, not able to handle another whiny plea, frantic scream, or insistent request.  I swear they took crazy pills yesterday with their morning toast.  I spent most of the day trying not to duck tape them to the wall.  And, then, about an hour before they went to bed, I came outside to see them playing together, peacefully, joyously, harmoniously.  They were both riding William's small tricycle--Madeleine's brown little arms encircling her brother's waist, William hunched over the plastic, yellow, handle bars, saying, "Come on Madawyn.  Hang on!"  He would go about ten feet and promptly get off, Madeleine following suit, only to find a small stick or stone--their treasure--and then, ceremoniously, get back on the trike.  It was endearing.  A tiny flicker of light at the end of the tunnel!

For Father's Day we went to a Paw Sox baseball game.  The kiddo's first baseball game.  We had great, shaded, seats.  Ate a soft pretzel and hot dog.  Boogied to the bursts of dance music.  And annoyed our neighbors to no end.  *sighs*  We made it to the fourth inning!  Which, in our minds, was a success! 

I have plans on making it to the beach this morning.  I need to stretch my legs and feel a little sunshine on my face. 


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