Monday, June 16, 2014

Flour and Flowers


The phrase "pick your battles" isn't unfamiliar.  Not to you.  Not to me.  It was something my mom would go on about, talking with other mothers.  And, I don't think I understood it till I had kids.  Little ones with astounding energy, mind-boggling logic (or lack of), and fierce wills.  Let me just say, my life is rarely neat and tidy.  My days consist of a plethora of battles.  Some I fight, most I don't.  William walks out the back door carrying a bag of baking flour.  He mumbles something excitedly right before he dumps it out at his feet.  All of it.  For a fraction of a second, before he dusted the deck, I had to figure out the following: how much is a bag of flour, how easy it is to purchase, was I needing it for anything related to supper, is Madeleine is danger, is William in danger, are there animals potentially going to be harmed, or neighbors horrified.  And, lastly, how easy will it be to pick up and rinse off.  Yup.  A fraction of a second to sort through all of that.  I remember my jaw dropping, my voice caught in my throat.  And then a giggle.  Seriously.  Not a battle worth my energy.  Besides, it's a blast to play with--so soft and silky! 

I took myself out on a date last week.  I discovered a small, Indie-type movie theater down town Newport.  One that shows one movie a night, provides fine wine and rich chocolate at their concession counter, and plays movie soundtracks before the trailers.  My kind of place.  I saw the Indian film, The Lunchbox.  I loved it.  Reminded me a lot of You've Got Mail, without New York City finery and a hollywood ending!  Loved it!

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