Thursday, May 1, 2014


Good morning, lovies!  Madeleine is walking around in her purple sparkle shoes, watching 101 Dalmations, also known as "Puppies."  William woke up late and decided to hole up in his room under every single blanket he could find.  I'm anxious to get outside, to welcome a day without rain.  This week has felt like one enormous battle.  Each day a challenge to keep my cool, keep their routine, keep my head above water.  I'll be driving to Ohio this afternoon, then onto northern Michigan on Friday.  The funeral is Saturday.  It's bittersweet--I will be able to visit my beloved Petoskey, see my sisters, hug my parents, maybe even eat some Kilwins.  But, I'll be saying good bye to my grandmother, her home, the cottage on Walloon, and a lifetime of memories.  Okay, that sounded really melodramatic.  Oh dear...

Today is my birthday.  Although I don't have anything special planned for the day, I did celebrate!  With some of my favorite people, a two layer Rose, Orange, Cardamom Cake, homemade soft pretzel bites, and enough cheese and olives to make it officially decadent!  I wore a blue party hat and sparkly earrings!  And received so many lovely hugs and sweet kisses.  The kiddies are blissfully oblivious to the drama right now, but, give me the delight of their new discoveries each day.  M is trying to snap her fingers when we boogie down to bad pop music on the radio.  William has been saying "I love you, Mama.  I love you, Papa!"  And making his parents swoon with love. 

Next week: Newport, RI!  Remind me, this roller-coaster will eventually slow down, right?  In the mean time, sending you love.

~ Julia


Jillian said...

Happy Birthday!

Shelley Lane Kommers said...

happy birthday! hope it's a lovely year.