Friday, May 9, 2014

Never Leaving

I'm listening to The English Patient soundtrack--an old favorite from my college days--while Andrew gives the babes a bath.  It's the first bit of time I've had to myself all day.  Since William has decided to give up his afternoon naps, there's a decided lack of sanity and civility by the end of my day.  I'm pretty happy if I don't fall asleep before the kids do.  We are in Newport.  After driving 13 hours to Michigan, surviving the turmoil of my grandmother's funeral, and then driving back, I decided to rest a day, pack, and make it up to Newport this past Tuesday.  Finally, our adventure in Rhode Island has begun.  And, I can safely say, I'm never leaving.  I promise to share photos soon!

Right now, I'm posting some of the sunny bits of my past two weeks.  My birthday, mini Polaroids of some of my dearest friends, babies eating doughnuts, my boys napping together, M's curls--gah, those curls--and flowers!  The bounty of spring blossoms.  Pear blossoms, cherry blossoms, crabapple blossoms.  Heaven!

We'll be here in Newport till the end of June.  Easton Beach and the Cliff Walk are literally right outside our door.  William, Madeleine, and I go exploring down town each morning.  William wore his Batman costume this morning and charmed the dock workers.  Kinda funny!  And, people are so nice up here.  After living in Philly for four years I've grown accustomed to rude, entitled, nasty, and short behavior.  So, I was kind of startled when so many people smiled at me and the babies when we walked by.  So many grandma's cooing about Madeleine's curls.  Yup, I'm never leaving!

Sending love!

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