Monday, April 21, 2014


Such color!  Such splendor!  There were mornings last week that I felt like I was walking through a Dr. Seuse book--the colors were so fantastic.  Although we're still getting nips and chills, I feel like spring has finally, and fully, sprung.  The kids beg to be outside morning, noon, and night.  I can't wait to have a home with a fenced-in back yard.  Let 'em loose and not have to worry about them making a dash for the street.  Or a neighbor's porch.  Or the stone wall four feet up.  Boys--ugh--and a little sister who thinks everything her older brother does is divine and inspired!

I'm presently listening to the sound of our toy chest being emptied onto our living room floor.  This is protocol after I've finished cleaning it up.  I'm drinking my cream tea and contemplating where to go for our long walk, ignoring the pile of dishes in my sink.  For me, I think of a messy kitchen as the surest sign of a yummy weekend.  Andrew's been craving English Breakfast's lately--eggs, sausages, tomatoes, toast and baked beans.  I use almost every pan in my arsenal!  And it's so delicious.

The pictures of the kiddos are from our Friday Fun Day the other week.  We went to the Night Kitchen here in Chestnut Hill and got cupcakes and blueberry muffins.  Granted, they just lick the frosting off the cupcakes, it's a fun treat!

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Victoria Strauser said...

i love these! i love the filter you're using, or photoshop effect. so scrumptious!