Thursday, February 13, 2014

More Snow

I'm watching the snow pile up.  It's coming down in a fickle sort of way, one moment fluffy and soft, the next little icy pellets.  We're supposed to have a foot by 9AM.  Time to bake cookies. 

We had our Aunt Linda over last night--Pasta Carbonara, crunchy toast, and a big salad.  I've decided that Carbonara is one of my favorite things.  Right up there with red wine, chippies, and wet kisses from my kiddos.  We have a tendency to leave the mess for the next morning.  And, although a little tedious, there's a definite sense of accomplishment doing the mountain of dishes.  Its a sign of a good night. 

I'm going to put the pot on to boil, figure out what type of mischief the babes are concocting in their room, and watch the white flakes fall.

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