Monday, February 10, 2014

A Big Week

Last week was... intense.  First, we got hit with a snowstorm on Monday morning that prevented me from doing my weekly grocery run.  I had piled the kiddos into the car and started on my way only to see a number of buses and cars slipping and sliding their way down the hill.  Yeah, not cool.  I did a U-turn and came home.  At 3AM Wednesday morning we lost power and heat.  I heard the fan turn off and the heat click.  Kinda eery.  Especially when we woke up to utter quiet and frigid temperatures.  Outside everything was coated in ice.  Thick ice.  The kind that scares me.  That brings down huge limbs, sends shards of ice off the branches, and prevents any sort of traversing whatsoever.  We were house-bound for a day and a half.  We wore snow pants, thermals, hats.  I boiled pots of water to wash the dishes.  We drank so much tea and soup.  Winter camping.  Indoors.  By Thursday afternoon, the kids were down for their naps, and I heard the power surge on.  I cried.  So much relief.  We had friends asking us to come over, get warm.  We had invites to spend the night elsewhere.  We weren't alone and we weren't without options.  But, it was nearly impossible for us to go anywhere due to the ice.  Due to the fact that our car would have had to claw its way out of the parking spot.  Anyway, I took a bath as soon as the water got hot.  I turned the oven on and baked shortbread.  I started laundry and ran my vacuum.  Seriously, these were things that made me feel good.  Normal.  And blissfully happy. 

I've started three new crochet projects.  I picked up three delicious skeins of yarn at our local yarn shop--before the storm hit.  I'm making Randy a hat for his trip north, a burnt orange cowl for my friend K, and hand warmers for me!  I've also started playing with braids--my hair is getting long enough I can do the wrap-arounds.  Kinda fun.  Makes me feel like I'm re-enacting colonial times again. 

And, exciting news from the Red Otter Creative front: I've reopened my shop! I'm starting to create new paper goodies--favors, jotter note books, post cards!  I'm also beginning a new project--custom silhouette books and plaques.  These little books will have the silhouettes nestled into the interior of the simple book.  It will open up and stand like a picture frame.  I'll keep you posted. 

This post is quite rambly--but, it's been a big week!

Sending warm thoughts your way,


Jillian said...

Hey Julia - Wow I'm glad you all survived the heat going out - how dreadful. I would have cried when it came back on too. I'm excited to hear that you are reopening your shop - can't wait to see what goodies you create!

Gaby said...

Wow that is an intense week! Glad your power is back on :)