Sunday, February 23, 2014


Good morning!  We're still in recovery mode over here--icy sidewalks, head colds, nasty weather, all impeding our usual liveliness and activity.  But, I heard the birds singing this morning.  Such beautiful, spring-like, songs.  Filled me with hope.  Hey, if the birds are getting their love-groove ballads going, spring has got to be around the corner!

The snowy pictures were from one of our biggest snowfalls the other week--I loved going out, tromping through the drifts, trying to catch whatever light was out there.  I made a spicy, hot chocolate for my neighbor's valentines.  And M and I made bread.  A few times.  Seriously, the things that have made this winter a joyous one for me are as follows: flour, butter, chocolate, yarn, and imaginative, little kiddiwinks.


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Jillian said...

Wow that bread is impressive. I can't bring myself to back anything more than cookies this winter . . .