Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Getting Crafty

I keep telling Randy that this is going to be the last time I rearrange the apartment.  Andrew just grins a knowing smile.  I mean well, truly I do.  But, I can barely hold myself back when I get the itch.  Creating a living space, how I want it--need it--takes a bit of time and quite a few rough drafts.  You've got to live in your home for a spell before you understand and see the potential--or so I believe.  I love being able to have the things that I need out and available.  The cloth napkins on the table.  My bookmaking tools on the top of the bookcase.  The printer next to the computer.  It would seem like obvious points of organization.  But, alas, they usually only occur to me after I start swearing about the printer being on the floor and not knowing where I stashed the printer paper.  I switched the large area rugs around, shoved and pushed the big pieces of furniture into place, and re-hung my pictures.  Strangely, the kiddos seemed to think it was a bit of a game--what will Mama do next, what can we climb on or tear to pieces?  By the end of the day, I was glowing from the exertion and the glee of having the coziness where I wanted it.  I'm an odd duck, I know.

William and Madeleine have kept busy these past few frigid mornings by getting crafty.  In more ways than one.  We made snowmen--god bless washable markers--and tied bakers twine scarves around their necks.  We pulled out the water colors and made postcards for the cousins--mixing the best batch of colors I've seen yet.  Madeleine gets her tea set out and has a proper brew with her various stuffed animals.  Until William comes bursting in to terrorize her and disrupt all signs of peace and organization.  This little boy.  The number of times I shout "William!" during the day is somewhat comical.  Mostly because it's usually followed up by a large sigh, a dropping of my head, and a gentle, internal "letting go" of whatever item he just dismantled, or destroyed. 

At the end of the holiday weekend, I made a batch of Martha Stewart's Icebox Shortbread.  I divided the dough into three batches--each with its own flavors.  There was Orange Coconut, Cafe Mocha Nut, and Cranberry Walnut.  Oh, buttery goodness, how I love you and you love my hips. 


Jillian said...

Your pictures are beautiful, Julia. Fresh and crisp! Love your new header. After a long week at work our house is just trashed . . . I hope I can do some creative rearranging over the weekend - that will make me feel much better!

Emily said...

Beautiful, inspiring pictures, my dear! Your home is so warmly curated! xox