Friday, January 3, 2014


We are home!  I remember writing that as my Facebook status on December 31st--exhausted, travel-weary, and yet elated at the same time.  Home is a special place.  So is my own bed.  And my own pillow.  For Christmas we traveled down to Orlando, FL, for our cousin's wedding.  It was an extraordinary trip.  We drove for two days--with two toddlers--to start.  We discovered that, yes, we are crazy.  And so are our children.  Andrew and I discovered the blessings of ear plugs, drive-thru, and the ability to adapt quickly. 

Once we arrived in Florida the delights of extended family and sunshine were rich and plentiful.  Cousins!  Who knew?  Our cousins--who kept us laughing and sane when all of our little ones went crazy at the rehearsal dinner--and the little ones' cousins--who were instant entertainment as well as adopted big-sisters and brothers to William and Madeleine through the entire time in Florida.  There were so many special moments between them, it made me wish, a million times over, that we all lived closer. 

Madeleine and William had bonding time with Grandpa and Nana, too.  Madeleine nearly pulled Nana into the ocean a few times at Cocoa Beach--so like her Mama, the draw of water is intense!  Sea World was a thrill, too--Shamu, flamingos, and fountains.  We'll forget that William threw a granola bar in the shark pool and we got lost trying to exit the food area--ugh.  The wedding was a spectacular event!  So lavish and beautiful--it felt like we walked into a magazine spread.  Andrew did an incredible job officiating the wedding.  And William made it down the aisle as a banner carrier.  He, um, didn't walk, per se.  He ran down the aisle, making a bee-line to Andrew, leaving the other banner carrier to shake his head in dismay at the half-way mark.  Memorable.  Very memorable.  There were sweet details, delicious desserts, and dancing.  And the wedding couple were so happy.  They radiated!

My body is still recovering from the trip home.  I think we went to bed at 8PM New Year's Eve.  I'm eager to start some healthy habits this new year and deal with some of the bad ones.  The bad ones are plentiful, I'm afraid.  But, I think I'm up to the challenge.  Maybe.

I hope you all had a wondrous holiday!  I'll be in touch soon!


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