Saturday, November 9, 2013

Image Crafting

Leaves every shade of the rainbow.  I'm not sure if there's ever been a fall so brilliant and magical as this one.  I keep thinking, this must be the color peak.  Only to discover that I'm wrong.  Some of the maples are starting to lose their leaves, but then the elm, chestnut and sycamore are doing their thing.  Quite nice.  Makes for some lovely morning walks. 

I've been doing a lot of thinking on the subject of Image Crafting.  It's a term that's been used in reference to Facebook and the impression you can give simply based on your profile statuses.  I know that it's something that can easily happen with Twitter and Blogging as well.  There's a strong desire to put the best foot forward, be optimistic, to give the impression that you've got it all together.  There's also a conflicting desire to keep it real, to let it all hang out.  It's pretty fascinating--the dueling inclinations.  I'll be honest, I like posting happy things, pretty things, good things, funny things, because it helps keep my mind in a better place.  I've struggled with depression for so long that I try and utilize everything I have to keep the movement going forward.  But, I also don't want to give the impression that my life is pure bliss.  I almost laugh at the thought, just recalling this past week.  The kids were fractious, particularly near the end of the week, and I was weary.  I think I even remember locking myself in the bathroom so I could order a cheese pizza for lunch--they were clamoring for my attention to such a pitch (read: screeching and crying).  Oi.  We struggle.  We despair.  We make horrible decisions.  We are momentarily brilliant.  We laugh at each other.  We learn to be kind.  And soak up those special moments of beauty. 

I'm a big advocate of marking Great Days(s) on the calender.  So you don't forget when you're in the trenches and ready to do something drastic--like duck tape your children to the wall.  You can look at the calender and think, oh, that's right, not every day is like this.  I think my blog is another way for me to mark those beautiful days.  When brother and sister are kind to each other, sharing their toys, smiling and happy.  Sometimes it's fleeting, and they fall and bonk their knee, or push each other over.  But, that picture, snapped that second, is a keeper!

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Jillian said...

Beautiful post, Julia. Well said. I know exactly what you mean and I've thought about how I'm "image crafting" myself as I select images for a blog post. Why not just post the image of the pile of dirty clothes in the middle of the room or the stack of sticky tea cups in the sink? - and it's at that moment that I remind myself that I'm trying to find and record the beautiful moments in my life . . . so that I can remember them and also share them with fellow bloggers like myself. Thanks for keeping it real and sharing all of those stunning moments from your life.