Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day and Flakes

Father's Day at Morris Arboretum!  The sun broke through and the humidity was tolerable.  So, it was all-round amazing!

Confession: I'm complete crap when it comes to holidays.  Or event days.  Like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries.  Yup, total rubbish.  I think I get too nervous about the expectation that it needs to be incredible, or at least brilliant in some respect, and I psyche myself out entirely.  I epically failed on Father's Day.  I had great plans of doing matching Superman shirts, some sort of special dessert, you know, something.  But, none of it happened.  Andrew ended up purchasing his own bottle of whiskey and calling it good.  We gave him a card this morning.  So, if anyone has any tips on how to not flake-out on special days, let me know.  I've seriously gotta get it together or my children will be somehow crazily warped and I won't have any friends left because I forgot their birthdays and bailed on their weddings. 


K. Bostrom said...

you are there in the everyday moments, and the moments that matter most, so you will NEVER lose friends. And if you do, their loss!!! XO

Jillian said...

ha! I like your honesty. I think lots of women go through phases like you described in their lives - just too busy chasing everyone around to feel like they're giving the appropriate portion of "specialness" to those special days-even though you are honoring them. I don't think your family minds at all!

Margaret Crawford - Online PhD UK said...

These pictures were wonderful. It looks like you have two wonderful blessings that are wonderfully photogenic. I am rubbish at holidays as well. I think that these pictures showed that you had a wonderful Father’s Day after all.