Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Creative Resting

I call it Creative Resting--those periods when an artist feels the creative juices waning.  It's not being stagnant, or busy, or tapped-out.  Well, it could be all of those, but, if you think of it as a time for slow, patient, rejuvenation, it sounds better.  And feels better.  So, I'm resting right now.  I haven't felt the desire to pick up my camera for a little while.  I am busy, tired, and distracted.  But, I know the creative juices are still there, percolating under the surface.  I'm trying to let my mind be less frantic.  Trying to trust the process.  And enjoying all the glorious sunshine in the mean time.


Jillian said...

Hi Julia:
I know exactly what you mean . . . sometimes you just have to refill those creative wells . . . or wait for them to be refilled by the creative divine. The best thing to do is rest, take care of yourself and have patience. Then suddenly inspiration strikes in the most unlikely of places and you find yourself drawn in again for another round.

Tereza said...

you have so so many beautiful photos on your blog~