Sunday, June 2, 2013


William's favorite walks are the ones that end up at the small fountain at the top of the Hill.  Where the icy water splashes and the rocks splunk and there's plenty of terrain to tackle!  Madeleine likes it, too, mostly because she likes everything her brother does.  Happy little lark.  One of my good friends came to visit us this morning and got to experience it all.  It was hilarious watching M get properly soaked.  Even more enjoyable watching her thrill at being naked in the sunshine. 

It's been busy over here.  I had a small craft fair on Saturday that had me utterly distracted last week--prepping and producing product.  Plus a few Red Otter orders that needed to be expressed.  Plus delightful play dates, drinks with girlfriends, and dinners with my family.  It's tricky.  Tricky finding the time to sit and be quiet.  Ha.  Who am I kidding?  The most restful, quiet moment I had this week was when I had a lull at the craft fair and got to read a few articles in my new Kinfolk magazine.  Ironically, all of the articles were about taking time to sit and enjoy moments and meals.  Together, with your loves, or just by yourself.  Sometimes I need to be told.  Told to enjoy something.  Sometimes it doesn't come naturally, because I'm too rushed with everything else.  So.  If you're like me, enjoy!


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Cindy said...

it seems like you are enjoying things without realizing it!