Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Nosce te ipsum

Know thyself.  I am the culmination of 33 years of questions, experiences, hardships, and adventures.  And, I'm confident that I will forever be on a journey of discovering what "know thyself" means to me.  Right now, it means valuing the parts of me that are both light and dark.  I am not perfect--my inadequacies are plentiful and so apparent to me.  But, those dark parts?  They illuminate what I love and what nourishes me and what I'm capable of bringing to the world.  I know that my children are some of the most precious things to me.  And the ability to look around me and enjoy everything from the tiny blue flowers my friend Janine loves, to the yogurt smeared faces of my babies, is a gift.  Experience has taught me to hold things lightly, but with keen gratefulness and wonder.

I'm a work in progress.  Thank God!


Jillian said...

Beautiful post, Julia. Love the first two pictures. I like the way you frame the dark and light things in your life - with the light illuminating and contrasting the dark. Your posts always bring sunhine to my life, even on rainy days. Thanks!

Victoria Strauser said...

A beautiful work in progress!!