Sunday, May 19, 2013


Let me just say--right from the start of this post--that I've always been a believer of snail mail.  Penpals.  Postcards.  Rambling epistles.  Something magical happens when you write out your thoughts, or in my case, the nonsense of life, onto paper, put postage on the envelope and send it out!  A little piece of you goes out into the world and is embraced and cherished by the recipient.  So, it's even more magical when you start writing someone thousands of miles away, because you get a kick out of their blog, or strike up a conversation through Etsy, and then finally, after years and years, get to meet them!  In person!  I was able to meet Cindy (of Town & Country) a year and a half ago.  We toured NYC in December and soaked up the bliss of conversing in person.  Then, just this weekend, I got to meet Krissy (from Paper Schmaper).  Cindy, Krissy and I met up in NYC for a day of site-seeing and fabulous conversation.  I loved every minute of it!  We explored Central Park--on the hunt for the Bow Bridge--and stumbled about a number of gems.  We ate at Gray's Papaya for lunch.  Grabbed a subway down to SOHO and Nolita, where I spent way too much money.  Drooled over paper, material and yarn, tea, chocolate, and books.  It was wonderful.  The day felt a bit of a blur.  But, in a good way.  My mind is full of images from the day.  So much color and goodness!  It was magic!


Cindy said...

it was so nice to spend a good part of the day with you and krissy. without your expert navigational skills i'm certain we'd still be wandering around central park looking for bow bridge :). also looks like you and your new camera are getting along famously - love your photos. xo, c

SuzeB said...

I LOVE these photos, Julia! Looks like you had such a wonderful time. So this is what you did on Saturday, right? And Sunday was when you posted them?
I'm so glad that you're getting out there and living life and what better place to do it than New York?

painted fish studio said...

so glad that i was a part of the magic in a little way! :)