Friday, April 5, 2013

Still Life No. 4

Still Life No. 4

My issue of Kinfolk arrived a few weeks ago.  I'm still slowing savoring it.  I love the softness of offset printing--it gives the whole book an air of informality and friendliness.  Andrew came home yesterday with pink tulips for me!  I love pink tulips.  I finally re-potted my basil.  The oregano died.  I think my green thumb is fairly amateur--basically, I can keep things alive after they've been nurtured by some clever, seed-savy, person!  The little drawing is the first I did in my little One-A-Day illustration series.  And the china dish was one of four I picked up at an estate sale almost a decade ago.  I love mismatched saucers.  They're perfect for serving cupcakes on.  Or using as a place to plop my tea bags.  Or fill with pretty stones my mother gave me from Lake Superior. 


Jillian said...

What a lovely composition, Julia. I've never heard of "Kinfolk" sounds interesting. You're so lucky you have someone who brings you pink tulips. I was thinking about pink tulips all day yesterday - seriously! It was great to click to your blog and have them pop up. Thanks!

Cindy said...

i love kinfolk - it seems so much about being polite & gentle with each other. cereal is another magazine i really love -

husbands that bring home flowers, especially pink ones, are ok by me as is your pretty still life.