Friday, April 12, 2013


It's a little startling when you see yourself in your baby so clearly.  I think Madeleine and I have the same mouth.  Poor little thing--no top lip for you.  And, when you get peeved, the lips disappear all together! 

Yesterday morning found us at the Morris Arboretum with friends.  Cherry blossoms are popping, as are the Maples, and a new round of bulbs are shooting up.  It felt amazing to be walking around in short-sleeves and sandals! 



Cindy said...

i think your kids are gorgeous, so what does that make you :). enjoy your weekend - sent back the notebook, today. xo, c

Emily said...

The littles are so beautiful! I can definitely see you in their sweet faces! What marvelous photos! xoxo

Jillian said...

The blossoms are lovely - great shots!