Thursday, February 14, 2013

What I'm Loving

What I'm loving:

+ Snow.  Fluffy, white snow, that falls silently through the night.  And then gets stiff and crunchy the next morning.  Perfect for snowballs.  Now, I am fully aware that all my family in Minnesota will not understand my fascination at this point in the winter.  Neither do most of my friends here in Philly.  I'm a little island of love.  Love for snow.

+ French braids.  I used to wear my hair in braids in high school.  Then I chopped it all off in college.  Grew it back out for a boy.  Chopped it off again after we broke up.  Grew it out again for another boy.  And have managed a fabulous messy high bun for the past few years.  Ugh.  So, even though Andrew doesn't seem to like braids (maybe too homeschoolerish?  I can say that.  I was one), I'm going to wear 'em with pride.  Until I chop it all off again, of course.

+ New paper.  I bought two sheets of gift wrap for myself on my last run to Paper Source.  Paper for me, just me, is a treat.  Most of the paper I buy is for my shop.  Which is fun, too.  But, when I buy it for me, then I get to use it however I wish.  I glued one of the sheets to foam core and put it in one of our extra frames.  I love the bold colors on black.  Yum!  Rifle, you clever artist, you!

+ Mistakes.  Yeah, it's not intuitive to appreciate mistakes.  Especially right after they've been committed.  Accidentally or not.  But, I'm always in a bit of awe at the change and growth that comes from them.  Cooking mistakes, sewing mistakes.  Major screw ups with friends, family members.  Maybe "mistakes" is the wrong word.  I guess I used it because everyone would know what I was talking about.  But, they're inevitably moments of disappointment.  In ourselves.  And, with distance and time, they can actually be good things.  Okay.  I'm going to stop there.  I'll get myself into a corner here, soon.

+ Jasmine Green Tea.  I must have been happy the last time I went on a jasmine tea binge--everytime I smell it, I smile.  I don't remember the last time I bought a box.  But, I did last week and I have been enjoying cup after cup.  With a little honey.  It's bliss!

+ My little loves.  You saw that one coming, didn't you?  They are the sweetest bits of my Valentine's Day.  



Jill Marie said...

Julia, you frame your creative life and your family with such beautiful words and images. Hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day yesterday.

Victoria Strauser said...

So many wonderful pics, and lovely thoughts on gratitude for what we have.

Ta.Ta. Unconventional Design For Kids said...

lovely pictures!