Monday, February 11, 2013


Valentine's Day!  Yet another fabulous excuse to bring out the paint.  William seems to enjoy the process of painting--dipping all the brushes into the water, swirling the paint about like a master, and creating a satisfying, colorful mess.  Actually, "Mess" should be capitalized.  It's royal!  His favorite bits, though, are when I glob the paint onto the paper, like little mountains of color waiting to be demolished.  And the way I gasp when I sense my jeans are in danger.  Of course.  But, after he's had his fun, I have little pieces of artwork!  I cut out little hearts from one of his paintings the other week.  Punched holes and strung them up.  They're going to grace the cookies we'll be delivering to our neighbors on Thursday! 

PS Andrew is home safe and sound! 

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Victoria Strauser said...

Oh, I love this idea! What a great use for all of those kid paintings!