Wednesday, September 12, 2012

For J

I'm writing this post for my friend J.  We spent nearly every day of our little boys first year and half together.  We would walk, drink coffee, exchange recipes, monitor sit, hike the trails, and talk endlessly about our little ones and their schedules.  Yeah, we were those moms.  The ones that had lunch ready at 11:30 because we knew that the guys would meltdown at 11:45.  We would be out the door before 8 most mornings, trying to burn an hour before the first nap of the day at 9.  We loved the routine--most of the time at least.  We loved trying to trouble-shoot the funky days when they wouldn't sleep.  It was great.  Andrew, although lovely, didn't really have the patience to hear about all the reasons William protested his afternoon nap.  J did! 

Well, J is now on the other side of the country and I have added a second baby and I haven't had the chance to impart my Schedule to her--the Two Baby Schedule.  It's really odd, because it's both sacred and funny--the whole routine-thing.  It keeps people like me sane.  But, the first thing you discover about babies is that they are always changing, always switching things up.  Keeps you humble.  Very humble.  So, with the knowledge that this is a schedule that works for us right now, and that these hoodlums are always ready to throw their Mama a curve ball and protest everything, I'm writing out a day in our life:

6 AM - M's first feeding.  Then down for first nap.
8:30 - Wm is up for breakfast with me
9 - M's second feeding.  Both kids dressed and we're out the door!
10-12 - ADVENTURE TIME! We get out every day, come rain or shine.
12 PM - Lunch for Wm and M
1 - Afternoon naps for Wm and M
3 - M's fourth feeding.  Back down for another nap (she usually conks out right after).
4:30 - Wm is up for playtime with Mam!
5:30-6 - Dinner for family
7 - Wm's bedtime routine with Papa.  M's bedtime routine with Mama

Then, after that, we're golden.  Andrew and I will watch movies, do school work, catch up on orders, talk, drink wine.  M will have her last bottle at 9.  We call it her "dream feed" because she's asleep through the whole thing.  It's pretty cute.  This little, pink, bottle-chugging baby, totally conked out in my arms!

This is for you J!

Aunt JuJu

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