Thursday, August 30, 2012

August travels

Highlights from our trip to Minnesota and Michigan:

1. William's ability to go "side" (outside/inside) at will.  That screen door was a slammin'! 
2. Madeleine's nightly swings with Grandpa.  My dad has that funny ability to put babies, toddlers, and dogs at ease, almost instantly.  Some people just have it, it's crazy, and I can't explain it.  But, every night, when Madeleine would start fussing, I would hand her over to Grandpa and she would settle.  Lovely!
3. SISTERS!  I love having sisters.  I hate that they are so far away.  But, we took every opportunity to enjoy our time together for that week on Walloon.  Lots of laughing and enjoying one another.  Well, as much as we could--there were three kiddos in our midst to dictate otherwise, but we tried to roll with it.
4. Daily walks with my Mom.  I loved being able to actually talk to her in person!  It's a big deal when most of your conversations happen over the phone! 
5. When I opened up my suitcase after arriving home, it smelled like the cottage.  My grandparents cottage is cedar and smells divine!  Smells like summer.


PS Let me know if you want any tips on how to manage a toddler and a newborn while traveling cross country.  It involves copious amounts of wine and Batman.

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Cindy said...

i know you feel like crap sometimes, but you & andrew make the cutest babies :).