Tuesday, May 8, 2012

37 Weeks

Tomorrow will put me at 37 weeks.  Pregnant.  With a huge baby.  At this point in the game I'm happy I can still move around--doing our walks every day and taking in the festivities around town.  I'm sore and tired and feeling distracted all at once.  But, Baby Madeleine's little nook is set up, clothes have been washed and put away, the baby diapers are ready and Andrew's pretty confident his directions will get us to the hospital.  So, now that I'm full term, she can come anytime!

By the way, I'm still tweaking the design of this blog.  Interestingly, I'm not quite ready to retire it.  Though, it seems to me, blogging seems to be waning in the creative world, maybe even in general.  I know a few other blogger friends of mine have noticed this, too.  It's moving more into the twitter realm.  I've always appreciated the fact that this blog has been a spot for me to spill my thoughts.  And it's been one of my favorite excuses to continue to take photographs.  We'll see what happens when Baby M arrives, but I hope to keep posting every once in a while.  

Sending love,


courtney said...

I've noticed the same thing, although there's definitely a need for creating some content to link to from the Tumblr/Twitterverse: while there's that need, why not take the reigns and be a content creator? The shift just requires a shift in focus and strategy.

I've been brewing a project for a while now, in my head, that I've been meaning to get rolling with.

Keep writing, you! I'd be sad to see your blog fall by the wayside (as in, the way that my old one has).

Much love!

Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle said...

Julia! What a confident expectant Mom you have become. I remember your thrilling first time around, and you have blossomed into this woman that just makes me so happy to see. Hope you stick around in the blogging world--I don't think it's going away!

xoxo Mary Jo

lotta said...

You are so beautiful! Can't wait to "meet" Madeleine. I still love blogging. It now feels like the "slow" way of communicating, but it has a much more intimate and permanent feel to it than twitter and Facebook.

Emily said...

My dear, dear friend!! I am so sorry I haven't been in touch in a while!! I LOVED everything you had to say in the post! I too feel like blogging is waning, at least for me. There is no time!! But it is nice to put one thoughts down in a certain space and of course, to connect with kindred spirits!!

Congrats on the coming arrival of Baby M, Jewels!! What a gorgeous family you will have!! I hope that you are able to rest and enjoy these final days of your pregnancy!! I have lots of news that I will try to drop in an email to you soon!!

xoxo Emily

Callie Grayson said...

you look amazing!!
please stick around!! I would miss you terribly.

Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

so nice to see you! you look fabulous. i have no doubt that when madeline makes her way into this world you will continue to be a great mom.

as for blogging, i find myself using twitter for that instant-gratification-type communication. i miss my blog and hope i can get back into it.

hugs to you!

Cindy said...

i like what lotta said and think that blogging may become more contemplative for us personal bloggers. not driven by some schedule. i'm in a bit of a funk, but hope it's not permanent. you should always write whether it's here or someplace else.

on the baby front, you look so good ... come on madeleine time's a wasting. sending you hugs!

xo, cindy

Victoria Strauser said...

You're on Twitter? I had no idea! What's your user name on there? Mine is @aspendance. Hope to see you both here and there!

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You are amazing!Can't wait to see the baby!Seems like you are ready!