Saturday, March 10, 2012


This winter has made it difficult to fully embrace the idea of spring--the mild temperatures and rain all through January and February, with two exceptions, made it feel like we were already there. So, I'm trying to take my cues from the flowers slowly emerging here in Chestnut Hill. The Witch Hazel sprouted last month, like curry-hued coconut. The snowdrops came up early, too, courageous sprites that they are. But, now we're seeing the purples, yellows, and whites of crocuses and daffodils. Trying to point out the flowers to William is quite entertaining--most of the time he thinks that I'm pointing to a train/truck/car that's passing by, or he's tramping over them--the gangly rude Spring tourist. Maybe Madeleine will be more delicately interested!

I'm officially into my third trimester and feeling very pregnant. Getting off the couch is a bit of a sight, as is taking off my socks or trying to reach the toy that got stuffed under the chair. But, I'm thankfully feeling good right now. Spring is a wonderful time to be pregnant. You can't help but feel energized. I'm ready to take on new challenges and projects. My list is growing--multi-pronged and varied--it encompasses my growing family, my restless creative spirit and the ever-present trick of making everything stretch for just a bit longer.

Hoping you have a wonderful weekend, loves!


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Victoria Strauser said...

So glad you are feeling well and enjoying spring flowers!!