Monday, April 18, 2011


Although not practical in the slightest--I adore white. I love the sense of order and cleanliness and freshness--it's divine. My couch is covered in formula milk rings, pen marks and graham crackers. These images go in my "Someday Folder." Till then I will accept the graham crackers sticking to our clothes, the neon colored toys tripping us up and my paper piles cluttering every other horizontal surface. Someday, we will be grown ups and actually buy white!

Images from Skona hem


Debra said...

Hi! It took me more than a few years to justify white slipcovers! We love them! You'll know when the time is right. We actually miss those little bits of Graham

Emily said...

Love the clean, fresh look of white! Great picks, dear!

blue moss said...

i love all the white!!!

caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

haha! I know what you are talking about, darling! I put white slipcovers only a few years ago... but I still find chocolate stains more often than not. the good thing is the fabric turned out to be excellent, with lots of washes and still alive! xo

Victoria Strauser said...

I love white on white, too, even though I haven't a room done this way yet. And I'm long past milk rings and grahams on the couch! (Well except for me & kelly!)

You might also enjoy Lilla Blanka, another blogspot blog. She has lots of white on white. She's Swedish, but there is a Google translate button option.

cindy k said...

yes, washable slipcovers could bring you closer to your dream, but those spots do sound awfully sweet.

BuyAionAccount said...

Beautiful and serene, that describes it. One day you'll be able to manage and have white all over your house.

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Callie Grayson said...

I love white, that first image is rocking my world!
WOuld love my basement to be just like that for my studio!! beautiful storage and work bench