Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Favorites

1. 15 Chocolate Truffles by thetrufflewithjoel
2. Warm flavors brooch from marlyscreations
3. Clouds by Jackierueda
4. Vintage Oval China Dish from QuaintCollector

A friend of mine mentioned recently how the "waking up" in the spring can be just as disorienting and difficult as the winter can be dark and long with seasonal depression. I've known for a few years that I suffer from some form of SADD. I take my vitamin D and go for long walks in the sunshine and very importantly I talk. This spring has been tricky for me, though. I'm trying to find my center again. That place where I feel safe and secure and most me. I've felt it and know it so I don't necessarily feel lost, just trying to be patient as I come back. When life gets full we naturally re-prioritize and I've found that my blog has been put on hold a number of times this spring. I'm sure it'll continue to be dodgy over here--but I'll try getting back when I can.

Much love,


Joyce said...

our plates can so over loaded at times it is hard to see the beautiful china underneath. I think a lot of us feel this way one time or another. So... my friend do what you need to do and enjoy the moment. Sending you big hugs. xo

Marly's Creations said...

.... Thank you Julia!!!

It's an honor!!!

Kisses from Italy :*

cindy k said...

i know what you mean. this year i have more time, but get less done and i don't know why. i feel i drift quite a bit. thank you so much for including my little dish. i love it here whenever you pop your head in to say hello. enjoy your weekend, dear! xo, c

picciolo said...

Just look after yourself - I wish you lots of sunshine x

Emily said...

Enjoy the spring and the fresh life it breathes into you!! Happy Friday, dear! xoxo

kat @ featherfactor said...

Love the china and the truffles...gorgeous. I hope you feel have a lovely blog :)