Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Favorites

1. Lovebirds from AliciaBock
2. Little Box of Valentine's Day Cookies from whimsyandspice
3. Cotton Candy Rainbow fingerless mittens from RainbowMittens
4. Best Friend--Wool Bunny from bubyNoa

Because I can't help myself: a reintroduction to my Friday Favorites. There are too many delectable items out and there's no point in me hoarding them all in my Favorites folder on my Etsy account.

Today is my third day without a sinus headache. I think I was going on week number 3 of chronic sinus pressure before I got wise and started downing gallons of water and moving the humidifier into our bedroom. More than anything it was annoying. There's nothing more discouraging than waking up and wondering if you were going to have to drug yourself up to get through the day. I hate feeling crummy. Granted, no one likes feeling crummy, but what goes through my clogged, congested brain when I feel so awful I don't want to leave the couch? "I've got laundry to do, dishes to wash, and a baby to feed, gosh darn it!" Priorities get shifted very quickly and you press on, amazingly enough! So, I'm going to go fill up my Nalgeen bottle, again, contemplate an order to Whimsy and Spice and finish the laundry!

Have a wondrous weekend!


Emily said...

I've missed the Friday Favorites! Love your pics - cannot believe that Valentine's is so soon! I am so sorry you've had a sinus headache! I have really sensitive sinuses and usually get a sinus infection every year, but not since I've started using netti (sp?) pots. They look like teapots without a top and you put warm water and a bit of salt in and put the spout up to your nose and tilt your head, pouring the water in to flush out your nasal passages. Kind of gross, but it works so well and I haven't had a sinus infection since I started using it (fingers crossed)! I think you can buy them at whole foods or a pharmacy. Even my doctor recommends this method! Hope you have a healthy weekend! xo

Jessica said...

Humidifiers are amazing! They do wonders:)

Have a wonderful weekend!

caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

ahhh your friday favorites... love them. that bunny is so sweet... hope you feel better soon darling! xo

Victoria Strauser said...

I love the heart theme and colors in these 4 pics.

I'm glad you're feeling better, I hope it stays that way!

Vintage Simple said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better, you. And I'm with Emily. Neti pots are pretty amazing.

Hope you had a good weekend, dear.


~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

these are all gorgeous images, Julie.
Have a happy Tuesday! xx