Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Surmountable Insurmountables

I really wouldn't mind being her, on that beach, with my puppy playing in the surf. Of course, I wouldn't mind looking so lovely and poised either!

I've been thinking about my Transitions post a week ago, and I've been pondering the phenomenon of not only motherhood, but of accomplishing things that seem, maybe at the onset, insurmountable--motherhood feels insurmountable at times, that's the connection. I remember sitting in my apartment back in Madison overwhelmed to the point of breaking, wondering how in the world I would be able to pack, have a baby, move and then unpack. Granted, this was an extraordinary experience, and definitely not one I would wish on anyone, but talk about insurmountable. I did it, though. And I think proved to myself the importance of 1. taking it one step at a time, and 2. lists are fabulous. Lists. People balk at the idea that I could find such enjoyment from something so inconsequential--I mean, it's just a list for goodness sake. But, being able to divide up the huge task at hand into small increments and being able to slowly knock off one thing, then another, and another. The next thing you know you've accomplished that insurmountable task and haven't completely lost your sanity in the process. So, in honor of the surmountable insurmountables, I will attempt to slowly whittle away at these:

1. Get back to my pre-baby weight so I don't have to buy a whole new fall wardrobe
2. Write my thank you notes--three months late!
3. Organize my studio/craft space so I can be more efficient and Andrew can walk into the bedroom without fear of stepping on anything sharp
4. Be patient with myself so I can be patient with others

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Emily said...

So much of what we want in life takes time - I know this well. But I think if we work slowly each day and continually, we can have the life we want! Good luck, my friend! I know you can do it! xoxo

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