Friday, April 11, 2008

Morning Person

Good morning! I just received an email from my boss accusing me of being a morning person! *grins* I work remotely, at present, and simply mossey over to my desk in the corner of my living room to "officially" start my work day. I laughed when she said that because I'm still in my pjs and my hair looks like a tornado hit it. My mascara, that I didn't wash off last night, is gooped somewhere on my cheek. If someone were to come to my door right now I would pretend I wasn't here simply to spare them the horror of seeing me. Andrew had to make the tea this morning because I still wasn't functioning at 7:00, and I didn't make him his lunch this morning either because the thought of putting together a tuna sandwich seemed like an impossible feat involving dexterity and coordination my fingers did not possess. He'll go out for soup instead! So, I sent my boss an email this morning at 8:30, and voila, I'm a morning person. Isn't that great? :)

Here are my Friday Favorites! I hope you thoroughly enjoy these pieces!

1. Nest Egg by CafeBaudelaire
2. Afternoon Tea Jacket by pinkroses1220
3. Dainty Yellow Bowl by burrobranch
4. Capri by evesimone


Amy said...

Nest Egg is gorgeous!! You've inspired me to do a post about chandeliers and crystals I think...

Julia said...

Oooh! I think that's an excellent idea Amy! I'll make sure to come and see it when you post! I've bookmarked your blog :)

T said...

I agree with Amy - that bird nest piece is just beautiful!

And oh how jealous I am of your working arrangement. I think I could be a morning person if I could work in my p.j's! :) Lucky duck!

Have a great Friday and a lovely weekend!

Art Kitten said...

Julia, you are so funny! I love the comment about the mascara on your cheek lol! You also have a very lucky husband, I make Nathaniel get up and take Maya to school and there is no way I would have the energy in the morning to make him lunches. I bet he is really jealous of Andrew!

S.HOPtalk said...

Hee, hee hee...I work from home too, and look much like what you've described until I'm 'forced' to get presentable to pick up my daughter from school at 2:50. It finally dawns on me about 2:15 that I really should get ready for the day. The it's rush, rush, rush and I make it just in time to pick her up.

Thank goodness there aren't any video conferences required. ;)

Have a great weekend. Love the inspiring pics.

::::LuLa Boutique:::: said...

I loved reading this hilarious! ;) Yes...I have to agree with everyone...I just adore the "Nest Egg" print too!